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A woman examines the first edition of Sports Illustrated in August 1954, at a location on the tour route.

A woman examines the first edition of Sports Illustrated in August 1954, at a location on the tour route.

A mini-documentary narrated by Mary Carillo

Sports media based in New York has had a major impact on sports and other fields and on how news is produced and presented.

Tied in to a historic townhouse from the tour, the story examines the rise of sports media in the city, including a visit to the 1830s, when the first news publication to prioritize sports and recreation was launched in Manhattan.

This is a complement to some stories of sports media figures that are included on the tour.

Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey

A mini-documentary narrated by Mary Carillo

A New York Highlanders baseball player and Brooklyn Dodgers executive, Branch Rickey left a legacy that includes the ending of segregation in Major League Baseball and the introduction of modern statistical analysis in sports.

The film features a tour location that played a role in Rickey's breaking of baseball's color barrier.

The story shares relevant sports history that occurred at the location and beyond, including about the impact of soccer legend Pele's playing days for the New York Cosmos.

The mini-documentary complements another shown on the tour, about how New York sports helped trigger breakthroughs for civil rights.

Figures from sports history featured on the tour

Through photography, video, audio and live narration, the NEW YORK GAME CHANGERS tour helps bring to life many figures from sports history. 

As a service to New York Sports Tours guests, more than 100 of these personalities are listed with brief biographies.


Timely, rare and exclusive video and photography

New York Sports Tours periodically posts unique video, audio, photography and other content from New York sports history, selected from the tour's vast and expanding archives.

This content is based on popular requests from tour guests, its relevancy to current events and its newsworthiness.


Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson