List of Calgary Flames Head Coaches (1980-2024)

List of Calgary Flames Head Coaches
List of Calgary Flames Head Coaches

Since the inception of the Calgary Flames in 1972, the team has witnessed various head coaches guiding them through triumphs and challenges. The role of a head coach in the National Hockey League (NHL) is pivotal, shaping the team’s identity and determining its success on the ice. This article delves into the comprehensive list of Calgary Flames head coaches from 1980 to 2024, shedding light on their tenures, achievements, and the notable impact they made on the franchise.

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List of Calgary Flames Head Coaches (1980-2024):

1Al MacNeil (C)1980–1982 
2Bob Johnson1982–1987 
3Terry Crisp1987–19901989 Stanley Cup
4Doug Risebrough1990–1992 
5Guy Charron (D)1992 
6Dave King1992–1995 
7Pierre Page1995–1997 
8Brian Sutter1997–2000 
9Don Hay2000–2001 
10Greg Gilbert2001–2003 
Al MacNeil (E)2003 
11Darryl Sutter2003–2006 
12Jim Playfair2006–2007 
13Mike Keenan2007–2009 
14Brent Sutter2009–2012 
15Bob Hartley2012–20162015 Jack Adams Award
16Glen Gulutzan2016–2018 
17Bill Peters2018–2019 
18Geoff Ward2019–2021 
Darryl Sutter2021–20232022 Jack Adams Award
Ryan Huska (G)2021 
19Ryan Huska2023–present 

Who is the Most Successful Head Coach for the Calgary Flames?

Determining the most successful head coach for the Calgary Flames involves weighing various factors such as regular-season performance, playoff success, and individual awards. Notably, Terry Crisp stands out for leading the team to victory in the 1989 Stanley Cup. However, individual preferences may influence opinions on what defines success. Some might highlight Darryl Sutter, who not only coached the team in two separate stints but also clinched the Jack Adams Award in 2022.

In conclusion, the journey of Calgary Flames head coaches over the years reflects the evolving dynamics of the team. Each coach brought their unique strategies and leadership styles, contributing to the rich history of the franchise in the NHL.

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