List of PDC World Darts Championship Winners and Runners-Up (Updated)

PDC World Darts Championship
PDC World Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship stands as one of the premier events in professional darts, showcasing the incredible skill, precision, and competitiveness of top players from around the globe. Over the years, this tournament has evolved into a spectacle eagerly anticipated by fans and players alike. The annual showdown has produced unforgettable moments, incredible comebacks, and fierce rivalries, all contributing to the rich tapestry of darts history.

This article delves into the annals of the PDC World Darts Championship, chronicling the champions and runners-up who have left an indelible mark on the sport. From the early battles in the 1990s to the recent clashes that have captivated audiences worldwide, we explore the stories behind the names etched in the tournament’s illustrious history.

PDC World Darts Championship Winners and Runners-Up (Updated)

The PDC World Darts Championship, spanning from 1994 to 2023, witnessed a remarkable display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Phil Taylor dominated the early years, securing multiple championships with his exceptional performances. Notable moments included John Part’s victory over Taylor in 2003 and Raymond van Barneveld’s triumph in 2007.

The tournament evolved, introducing new champions like Rob Cross and Gerwyn Price, and showcasing the emergence of diverse talents. Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen engaged in thrilling battles, contributing to the championship’s allure.

In recent years, Peter Wright and Michael Smith joined the ranks of champions, adding their names to the prestigious list. The competition remained fierce, with close encounters and unpredictable outcomes, epitomizing the essence of professional darts.

YearChampionRunner UpScore
1994Dennis PriestleyPhil Taylor6–1
1995Phil TaylorRod Harrington6–2
1996Phil TaylorDennis Priestley6–4
1997Phil TaylorDennis Priestley6–3
1998Phil TaylorDennis Priestley6–0
1999Phil TaylorPeter Manley6–2
2000Phil TaylorDennis Priestley7–3
2001Phil TaylorJohn Part7–0
2002Phil TaylorPeter Manley7–0
2003John PartPhil Taylor7–6
2004Phil TaylorKevin Painter7–6
2005Phil TaylorMark Dudbridge7–4
2006Phil TaylorPeter Manley7–0
2007Raymond van BarneveldPhil Taylor7–6
2008John PartKirk Shepherd7–2
2009Phil TaylorRaymond van Barneveld7–1
2010Phil TaylorSimon Whitlock7–3
2011Adrian LewisGary Anderson7–5
2012Adrian LewisAndy Hamilton7–3
2013Phil TaylorMichael van Gerwen7–4
2014Michael van GerwenPeter Wright7–4
2015Gary AndersonPhil Taylor7–6
2016Gary AndersonAdrian Lewis7–5
2017Michael van GerwenGary Anderson7–3
2018Rob CrossPhil Taylor7–2
2019Michael van GerwenMichael Smith7–3
2020Peter WrightMichael van Gerwen7–3
2021Gerwyn PriceGary Anderson7–3
2022Peter WrightMichael Smith7–5
2023Michael SmithMichael van Gerwen7–4

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